Mindfulness Meditation- week 7

Mindfulness Meditation- week 7

Week 7 of 8, it has gone in so quickly @theweeretreat, but at the same time it feels like a lifetime after all the things we have covered and how far I feel I have come personally. . This week was all about compassion. We spoke about empathising and understanding...
Mindfulness Meditation- week 5

Mindfulness Meditation- week 5

Curiousity | this week’s theme at @theweeretreat and something that really spoke to me. We looked at being curious about our emotions and walking towards them, allowing ourselves to explore them without judgement or fear. . We discussed how easy it is to simply...
Mindfulness Meditation- week 5

Mindfulness Meditation- week 5

Kindness was the topic to at this weeks @theweeretreat. Instantly I thought how lovely, I like treating other people! But as we chatted and I realised oh wait, she means kindness to myself…. Why did my heart sink? Why is being kind to people more fun or...

Mindfulness Meditation- week 4

“Mindfulness isn’t for wimps”, we learned this in week of @theweeretreat and it really came in handy during this session which I found tough. Not for any reason to do with the content which was as insightful and interesting as always, it was just my...
Mindfulness Meditation -Week 3

Mindfulness Meditation -Week 3

… Something I have thought alot about this week and I am happily putting it into practice on a week away with the family just now. Being away does mean I am missing a week of #theweeretreat but that hasn’t meant I haven’t been keeping the discussions...

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