Kindness was the topic to at this weeks @theweeretreat. Instantly I thought how lovely, I like treating other people! But as we chatted and I realised oh wait, she means kindness to myself…. Why did my heart sink? Why is being kind to people more fun or fulfilling than being kind to myself? Why don’t I deserve to give myself that same treatment? It made me realise how much I need to give myself permission to sit back, to relax and to do what I need to in order to maintain some balance and sense of self. I love how even booking on a course such as the wee retreat can even be a stepping stone in being kind and investing in yourself.
We spoke about the ego and how it drives us to be somewhere, to do something and to be someone and how we might need to learn to just observe that voice as it is and not just accept what it is saying. It is OK to be kind to ourselves and just stop. It really struck a chord with me as I had seen a lovely piece of art this week that said “don’t believe everything you think” and it really resonated with me. Why do I take the negative self talk as gospel and not challenge it a little by being kinder to myself?
An insightful and thought provoking week this week with the group, its so interesting to hear how the others have found the previous sessions have impacted them when we leave and what have taken from them through the week. I am always excited to return and catch up before we start a new topic to get stuck into.

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