Mindfulness Meditation- week 7

Week 7 of 8, it has gone in so quickly @theweeretreat, but at the same time it feels like a lifetime after all the things we have covered and how far I feel I have come personally.
This week was all about compassion. We spoke about empathising and understanding others pain as well as our own. We spoke about how easy it is to try and fix whatever it is someone is feeling when that is not always what is needed. Maybe trying to fix it is easier to do than accepting that someone else might be feeling sadness because that in turn is painful for us? It is definitely the same with myself, it is easy for me to jump to the practical aspects of a problem and ignore the emotional which is refreshing to realise.

The ivy in this week’s photo is because I felt invigorate after this weeks session and headed home to do work in the garden, a job I have put off for well over 6 months. I laughed as I once again tackled the ivy that climb all over the fence as I realised it was a lot like emotions and the things we have spoken about over the course. I can just ignore it and let it pile up and up, until eventually one day it takes the fence down. Or I can pull at it, cut it all back and repeat that time after time and get frustrated as it regrows, but really until I get to the root of the cause ( hello my neighbours garden….) it’s never going to go away. I do love how the retreat travels with me through the week and pops in and out of my thoughts. Some weeks I just simply enjoy and absorb the topic as we chat and it doesn’t all start to develop until I get home and process it all, it is pretty amazing where all it crops up.

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