Mindfulness Meditation- week 4

“Mindfulness isn’t for wimps”, we learned this in week of @theweeretreat and it really came in handy during this session which I found tough. Not for any reason to do with the content which was as insightful and interesting as always, it was just my brain felt all over the place on Saturday morning and meditation felt, well, difficult. Now I could just post and tell you about what we covered and pretend it was a breeze, but hiding the emotions that mindfulness can stir up wouldnt help anyone and isn’t an honest picture. What matters is that I still put myself first and went along to practice regardless of where my head was at, and just allowed myself to feel a bit frustrated and distracted.
Funnily enough the theme this week turned out to be acceptance, and always wanting something to be different and not just accepting it as it is. Which is exactly the mindset I needed to help just accept my mood that day! I left the session not suddenly feeling better but I left feeling challenged and kinder to myself for what was going on in that moment, and that was refreshing.