Our Wee Team

With our team of staff, board members, volunteers and core teaching practitioners- we’re a small team making big things happen! We’re always thrilled to introduce guest teachers too so keep an eye on our What’s On page.

Vicky: Founder

It’s all down to her and her meditation practice! Vicky was an Educational Psychologist, juggling her career with the needs of her two children, when she began with an 8-week beginners Mindfulness course and even with lots of staying in the moment and awareness of the present she can’t quite believe that it has led her here.

When Vicky isn’t deep breathing her way through a financial forecast or reminding herself that the headache of timetabling classes will pass, she spends her spare time meditating, reading, or hanging out with her teenage daughters. She is also prone to frequent wishing she was at the beach, which is not helped by a certain team member’s Instagram…

Debs: Wellbeing at Work Programme Manager

Debs joined the team in November 2020 to develop our Wellbeing at Work Programme.
Debs studied occupational psychology many moons ago and worked as a Consultant supporting organisations with anything and everything to do with staff and organisational development, management and change.
She later discovered a passion for fundraising whilst volunteering for a children’s orphanage in Mexico and four years ago retrained as a Yoga Instructor. In her spare time, you’ll find her walking her dog Millie, practicing yoga and Qigong and enjoying time with friends and family.

Michelle: Secretary of the Board

Michelle is the owner of Granted Business Solutions, a magical world where business owners’ lives are transformed through the power of admin. 
She is based in South Lanarkshire where she lives a life of admin, connecting businesses for mutual gain and her mad passion for learning.
You can regularly find Michelle playing in the fields surrounding her house with her awesome furchildren.

Lindsey: Nurture and Grow Programme Manager

Lindsey moved to Scotland in 2007 and now feels it’s her spiritual home. She is a lover of nature, mountains, rock climbing, outdoor swimming, and all things Yoga.
Her passion for the Wellbeing of all minds and bodies led her to host a Scottish Parliamentary reception in 2018 supported by the Scottish Association for Mental Health and she continues to support the importance of wellbeing.
A former global project manager in banking, published author, podcaster, yoga tutor, charity Board Trustee and mother of a child with special needs, she loves keeping busy and staying connected to communities.

Diane: Volunteer HR worker

Diane worked in HR for sixteen years in the leisure and hotel sectors as well as the pharmaceutical industry. Her work took her down to London, the “Big Smoke” for much of her career.
After 16 years, Diane left the world of HR to focus on her other great life’s work, raising her 3 bundles of joy.
In her spare time Diane loves to swim, go to the gym, socialise with family and friends, and support her wonderful hubby with his business.

Louise: Seasonal yoga teacher

Hailing from the Northeast of Scotland, Louise grew up at the foot of an RAF base, the sound war planes sound tracking her youth. Moving to Glasgow via the Middle East in 2003. Her retail background combines wine, books, and furniture.  
In her spare time, she cooks, bakes, reads, gardens and sews with varying degrees of success and occasionally plays Korfball (Google it. It’s Dutch) badly but enthusiastically.
Louise has recently gone back to college to study horticulture and is loving it. Although we aren’t massively reassured with her proclamation that she hasn’t killed any plants yet…

Carol: Nia teacher

Carol was introduced to Nia by a fabulous teacher in Egypt in 2008, and it was love at first dance. Within months of returning to the UK in 2011, she sought out a Nia teacher training course and soon after embarked on the lifelong training that Nia offers.
During the day, Carol works within the NHS as a paediatric physiotherapist and often draws her medical knowledge to inform her Nia practice and the pearls of wisdom of Nia within her PT practice.
She loves travel, cooking and meeting people from all walks of life. Carol can often be found dancing in her kitchen, ravenously consuming music of all genres.

Simona: Volunteer for Everything

(There’s not a single ask Simona has turned down. Simona, we love you). Simona is a wellbeing practitioner herself and passionate about climate justice and environmental issues.
She loves reading, wild-swimming, and going on mindful walks. You can find her working behind the scenes on marketing and social media engagement and assisting with Wellbeing at Work service development. Simona finds and posts those wee inspirational quotes to brighten your day on our social media feeds.

Sarah: Time for You Administrator

Sarah is a Virtual Assistant working remotely from the Moray Coast where she is prone to invoking strong feelings of jealously sharing snaps of and bragging about beautiful white sandy beaches.
What these pictures fail to capture is that she is normally frantically chasing down either her mischievous labradoodle or one of her headstrong daughters.
With a background in corporate secretarial and executive assistant roles, she describes herself as a wrangler of chaos. Which is just as well, as Sarah is also studying towards an English Literature and Creative Writing degree, can’t resist meddling in community groups and local charities, is a passionate bibliophile, writes, loves food and feeding people and consumes vast quantities of strong coffee.

Anne Marie: Hatha yoga

AM turned to yoga in 2010. Her job was affecting her in many ways and she felt stressed every day. AM describes herself at that time as short-tempered, no patience for her children, unhappy and unfulfilled.
Yoga not only helped AM manage her stress, it has helped her find an inner calmness and peace. It has helped AM take a step back and realise what is important in her life. She wanted to share these benefits with others and so travelled to Indonesia to complete her YTS teacher training in Hatha yoga at Santosha School in Nusa Lembongan.
AM’s classes are relaxed and fun, not at all to serious and a place where it’s fine to make mistakes!

Victoria: Pre & post-natal yoga

Victoria is a 200hr CYS trained and Yoga Alliance certified teacher who has gone on to specialise in Yoga for Pregnancy with the British Wheel of Yoga. Having practised yoga throughout her singleton and twin pregnancies and beyond, she has first-hand understanding of the benefits of yoga for a woman’s body and mind during pregnancy and while healing postnatally. Her classes are fun, energising but ultimately relaxing and are a wonderful way to connect with other mums in a safe and nurturing environment.

Lyndsey: Kids yoga

A mother of two and a Support for Learning Worker in a primary school, Lyndsey knows that life can be nonstop. Attending a course in mindfulness, prompted her to research children’s yoga as a way of combining her love of yoga and experience of working with young children.

Lyndsey qualified to teach children’s yoga in 2016 and has been teaching her fun, story based kids yoga classes ever since.