About Us

The Wee Retreat is a Community Interest Company. We believe that everyone can benefit from the transformational impacts of taking the time to rest, reconnect with themselves and to breathe. With busy lives ourselves, impacted by the general low-level chaos of modern-day life we absolutely understand that we can all use a helping hand with prioritising yourself and making time for you.

We’re a small team, all deeply invested in your wellbeing, at the same time as working on our own. We are delighted to share our own learnings and journeys; we will always act with honesty and integrity. We won’t tell you that meditation will add that oft requested extra hour to the day. Can’t promise that yoga will neutralise the rage at finding that it’s been left to you to empty the dishwasher, again. Pilates probably won’t fix your chronic nail biting. We don’t think sound healing or qigong have been found to miraculously melt away that 2 stone that crept on as you stress ate your way through that horrible period at work.

However, we can promise that focusing on your own wellbeing, either by moving your body, listening to your mind or a combination of them both will make you a bit more able to cope with and enjoy the 24 hours in any given day. You might just find it easier to deal calmly with the dishwasher and have a polite chat to those who fail to notice this kind of life admin. With a quieter mind you just might have the capacity to get to the nailbed of the problem and have the headspace to do something about it. Most importantly you are magnificent just the way you are, you never need to change how you look. We like you just as you are.

When we say that everyone can benefit from taking the time to rest, reconnect with yourself and breathe we mean EVERYONE. The Wee Retreat are inclusive, welcoming, and promote diversity in all forms. We absolutely understand that there can be a perception that wellbeing and selfcare is for affluent, young, able bodied and slender, white, gender conforming individuals. We are actively seeking ways to challenge this perception and would be more than happy to work collaboratively or sit back and listen if there is something that we could or should be doing. Please get in touch at info@theweeretreat.co.uk