Curiousity | this week’s theme at @theweeretreat and something that really spoke to me. We looked at being curious about our emotions and walking towards them, allowing ourselves to explore them without judgement or fear.
We discussed how easy it is to simply ignore what we are feeling for many reasons; incase we can’t cope, incase we don’t like them or because we don’t ‘have time’. But what If we just tried to sit with whatever we are feeling and explore it a little, even if it makes us uncomfortable? We chatted about what happens when you ignore emotion for a long time, instead of letting it live, over eating, over working, over drinking, take it out on others, keep ourselves busy – masking them can take a lot of forms.
I likened it to that drawer or cupboard of crap most people have. You stuff more and more in and the thought of clearing it out feels exhausting or unmanageable, but one day if you don’t it simply won’t close anymore or it bursts open and then it really does feel overwhelming. However, when it is all cleared up and sorted you feel amazing and often you think, it really wasn’t that bad. You feel calmer and more capable and that niggle is gone. Maybe being curious with emotion would feel the same? It is worth a shot.
We discussed ‘what you feel, you heal‘ and that felt very true. It’s pretty hard to work on something if you don’t acknowledge it is there. And we spoke about how sometimes its not as bad as you might think, just the fear of it can be greater.
So much food for thought this week and you really could see why Vicky teaches the topics in the order that she does. Keeping last week’s kindness to ourselves in mind, made being curious about whatever I was feeling much easier to process and it certainly made this week feel less daunting.
This weeks photo is the reading Vicky gave to us, I thought it was a beautiful reminder that when it’s sorrow or its like that I feel, joy is still there just waiting for me.

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