… Something I have thought alot about this week and I am happily putting it into practice on a week away with the family just now. Being away does mean I am missing a week of #theweeretreat but that hasn’t meant I haven’t been keeping the discussions we have had at our meetings so far in mind. Usuallly missing a week of something would give me total anxiety but it’s not what this is about, instead I have been open to using it as an experiment to keep mindfulness part of my life without someone talking me through it, once the course is over it will be down to me anyway! There is no pressure on the course as life does happen and Vicky will go out her way to help you make up anything you are missing and being in touch when you have questions. .
thanks to the emails she sends each week to recap the session and give us a little exercise to think on for the week, you never feel like you are really missing out. This week they covered awareness which is something I have noticed alot since joining the retreat and have been working on a lot. It hasn’t taken up hours of my time or focus, I am just taking more pauses as I go each day and bringing my awareness back to myself and what I am doing instead of living so much in my head.

Big question is what cake did they enjoy without me though?!


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