Transforming with Mindfulness

Putting my 6 month Mindfulness Meditation Transformation programme out there has been a process in itself for me! Will anyone want to commit to it? Why would they want me to teach them? Etc, etc!
I know the programme is a big commitment in time, energy and financially. It’s also the foundation of the programme itself- commitment. I know that the essence of mindfulness meditation is in ones’ commitment to it and that is where the transformation comes from. I know this from my own experience.

Since my early twenties, I have come across truly amazing well-being modalities (many of which I am enjoying sharing through The Wee Retreat!), been on many a training course and seen some extremely gifted practitioners, all of which have benefitted me in many ways. Mindfulness meditation is a different kind of practice though- it relies on your commitment to your own well-being, and somewhere along the line, your understanding of the process. At some point you realise there is no need to look outwards or to others for the answers, that you are the one with the answers and that it is your meditation practice that provides a way to listen.

Mindfulness is by far the most challenging thing I have done over the past 20 years because it relies on me, on my ability to be present throughout the most difficult times, to continue with the practice when it feels like it is too hard and to sit, every day, no matter what.
Thankfully I had a good teacher, who taught me to be a good student. Through my years with Suryacitta, I think some of his magic has rubbed off on me and I too am a good teacher and I can teach you to be a good student and support you while you do this.

It’s through my experience of teaching the 8 week Mindfulness meditation course, watching people’s experiences and listening to feedback that I decided to design the 6 month programme. People feel the benefits of the practice, long held beliefs and habits begin to transform and life as we’ve been hoping for starts to feel that wee bit more available to us. Things can take time though and one of the first values we look at on a course is patience. Once we learn how to be patient, the rest can somehow flow. For what I have in mind, we’ll need patience and time… both of which the 6 month programme will offer us.

I know it’s a big commitment, I invite you to join me anyway. We start on January 24th; deposits can secure a place, no need to pay in full, two concession places available. Happy to chat and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for reading and hope you can join us!