Mindful Parenting- week 4

This week @theweeretreat  mindful parenting course, we were tackling a biggie….. Guilt. Oh yes, that huge heavy feeling that follows you around constantly when a little one arrives. It can be a relentless cycle of guilt over every little move and you never quite feel like you are doing anything right and every decision can feel so weighted.. We spoke about ways to combat guilt and reframe situations, it was refreshing to chat openly among other parents about it and hear their experiences. The common thread was of course that we all suffer from it in various forms but we learned it doesn’t have to continue if we approach it differently.. We also managed to squeeze in a meditation and of course some tea and some cake too. These sessions are just so rewarding in many ways and it is really inspiring to come back together each week and discuss what changes we have made and the results they have had.
In other news, there is now stock of organic totes for sale! I will be wearing mine with pride  ??.