Mindfulness meditation- week 2

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Patience. The word feels so weighted to me seeing as I have little of it, and what I did have has been stretched since Arthur came along. This week’s session at The Wee Retreat was incredibly insightful as we explored patience, what it means to us and how it might help in our day to day lives. The biggest learning was where I might work on my patience with others and attempt to build on it, when it comes to myself, I have zero. It leads to beating myself up terribly and even though I know i should talk to myself as I would a friend, it is easier said than done.

As a group we shared our experiences, and laughed as we learned new ways to try to take a moment to be patient with ourselves. We spoke about practicing mindfulness and not just berating ourselves for ‘getting it’ right from the start and instead just accept it for what it is. A big weight is lifted when you just give yourself a bit of credit and stop for a moment to breath.

We spoke about allowing ourselves pauses in our day to process what is going on around us and that’s not something I am good at doing. Ally is always commenting when he gets in that I still have my jacket on and am in the process of doing 15 things….. Why as a society do we pride ourselves on that business? So this week I will be granting myself permission to take a pause and practice patience when I find It difficult.

It is amazing what you can take away about yourself in just one week of #theweeretreat. And that cake you ask?? That was this week’s wee retreat treat! Homemade vegan apple cake. Well worth taking our pause for ?