Blogger Beautyh2t shares her insights into week 2 of our Mindful Parenting course…

This week @theweeretreat mindful parenting class was all about beliefs. We spoke about the pressures and demands of being a parent and how sometimes this  pressure is fuelled by certain beliefs that we might hold (often without even noticing!). These come from so many different areas such as our own up bringing, society and culture, and other parents around us, and we spoke about how often these beliefs are just there but we don’t question or challenge them and forget the element of choice that we can apply..We managed to pinpoint our own examples of a time where we might not have been the parent we would like to have been in a situation and about what belief was present in that moment. Frustration with sleep patterns for example and how maybe acknowledging the belief that is causing the pressure might not actually be necessary at all, or how we can tweak that  belief in terms of time scales just to turn the pressure down and make it easier for everyone. It was really fascinating to see the different examples around the group and everyone having light bulb moments. You could really sense the difference the conversation could make going forward for people and how we all realised that we are so busy just keeping on, that we forget we have choices all the times and can make changes.. Just a glimpse of the kinds of discussion we manage to squeeze into 90 mins while still fitting in meditation and tea and cake ? What a relaxing and beneficial way to spend a Friday afternoon!

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