You're not alone


You know what you need to do to show up as the practitioner you want to be and make the difference you want to make…

Yet the journey can feel isolating, overwhelming and sometimes disconnected, right?

Can you imagine how it would feel surrounded by peers who get it, who are on a similar mission to support their communities and normalise wellbeing practices?

Having an open and safe space to connect with and
learn from fellow practitioners?

Where you’ve got access to that all important
critical friend and the opportunity to share your work, get feedback and feel supported as you take action, nurture & grow…yourself and your wellbeing business.

Use coupon code NURTUREANDGROW25 to access the launch price and lock in this price for the lifetime of your continuous subscription. Available for a limited time only.

The Nurture and grow membership


Are you making the impact you want to make yet?

Perhaps you want to reach more people. Maybe you’re ready to scale up.  Or it could be you’ve found yourself caught in a loop of busyness yet still not generating an income that fully supports you in the way you would like.

Yet the prospect of working with a traditional business coach leaves you cold as you know there’s so much more to what you’re doing that cold hard metrics.

You want more.

You’d love to find a supportive community that brings you the expertise you want, the space to explore what you need, the connection you crave and the accountability that will help turn your ideas into action.

The Nurture & Grow membership is just for you!

What do I get when I join Nurture & Grow?

Use coupon code NURTUREANDGROW25 to access the launch price and lock in this price for the lifetime of your continuous subscription. Launch price available for a limited time.

 I’m not ready or looking for support to grow my wellbeing business, but connecting & collaborating with other practitioners is just what I need.

Join The Nurture membership


For those of you who love what they do and do it to make their own positive difference in the world and for the joy they get from practicing the modality they love and bringing it to others, please join us in the Nurture Membership.

You’ll have access to our weekly connect calls and live meditation classes together with monthly self care session hosted by one of our members, an opportunity to experience an aspect of some of the wellbeing practices of our colleagues.

Access the private members Facebook community where you’ll be encouraged to share your events as well as your wisdom so others can learn about you and way of sharing your gifts with the world.

Use coupon code NURTURE15 to access the launch price and lock in this price for the lifetime of your continuous subscription. Available for a limited time.

we share the same vision…let’s come together to make it happen

The Wee Retreat is a social enterprise with a vision of everyone having a wellbeing practice that’s as core to their daily routine as brushing their teeth. All of our profit is invested back into our community helping us make this vision come true.

As a wellbeing practitioner, we know you share this vision too!

The Wee Retreat Nurture & Grow Memberships have been created to help you make the impact you want to make which helps us all be part of the sea of change we know is coming.

‘I’m really excited to launch these new services so The Wee Retreat can really nurture and grow the wellbeing practitioners & facilitators who give so much to others. It’s been a crazy year and one that’s shown the world it’s time to put wellbeing at the core of our lives. I want to help as many wellbeing practitioners get out there and be part of the change we want to see.’

– Vicky Hope

Founder of The Wee Retreat CIC


What is a wellbeing practitioner?

At The Wee Retreat we think of wellbeing practitioners as anyone who works with people to improve their wellbeing whether through body, mind, spirituality, writing, speaking, music or anything else.

I am part of lots of memberships and have paid for lots of courses and not used them. How will this be different?

I think we’ve all been there!! And it sounds like what would be useful is getting really clear on what you want to create and then figure out what your prioritises are to make this happen. Our life & business coach Colette Reilly will be able to help you with this on the Explore calls and we’ll encourage you to join an accountability group so you get out of overwhelm and start making progress.

I can't afford it

If you genuinely don’t have the funds to join just breathe and step away, when the time is right for you to come join us you know where we are. Meantime make sure you’re part of the free wellbeing practitioner facebook group and take advantage of advice in there. Action it and join when you can.

IF however you know deep down ‘I can’t afford it’ is a pattern of yours that covers a belief that it’s not ok to invest in yourself or money is hard to come by then please do join us in Nurture & Grow and bring this awareness to our Explore calls and the community group.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Of course you can, simply log into your account and cancel from there. If you can pop us an email to let us know you are cancelling, we can check no further payments will be taken.

The price you signed up at may change and is only guaranteed for as long as your membership is continious so if you come back to us the monthly fee may be higher.

Have another question?

Reach out to us, we’re here to help.

Please email Lindsey at