Nurture & Grow

Nurture & Grow is our bespoke membership programme, specifically designed to support Wellness practitioners offer the services they are passionate about and make the difference they want to make.

We know the journey can feel isolating, overwhelming and sometimes disconnected… We’re here to make sure you’re surrounded by peers who get it. To provide you with an open and safe space to connect with and learn from fellow practitioners. Where you’ve got access to a community who speak your language so you feel supported as you take action, learn & grow…

We offer two different types of membership to support you wherever you are in your wellbeing professional journey.

Nurture & Grow Membership

Designed for those who love what they do and want to use their skills to make a living from their wellness passion. This service will support you in reaching more people, creating a sustainable income and scale up if that’s what you’re aiming for, all while being surrounded by likeminded practitioners who speak your language.

£40 p/m 

Nurture Membership

Designed for practitioners who love what they do and the joy they get from sharing what they love with others and seeing the positive difference it makes to their lives. This service offers a safe space to connect with and learn from fellow practitioners.

£25 p/m

Membership rolls month to month | No hidden costs | Stay a member as long as it suits you- no tie ins or cancellation fees

It is so refreshing to be part of a peer support group where I can begin to look after me.

Nurture & Grow member