About Us

The Wee Retreat was created in 2016 by Vicky Kakos. Vicky is a mother of 2, Educational Psychologist and Mindfulness Meditation practitioner and knows how hectic life can get.

In 2010, Vicky took an 8-week beginners Mindfulness course to escape the crazy busyness of her life for 2 hours a week. What she didn’t realise was how much Mindfulness would impact her and her life around her. After completing her Mindfulness teacher training with her teacher, she has been sharing Mindfulness with people in Southside Glasgow ever since. Based on her own experiences and knowledge, Vicky has created a Mindful Parenting course to help parents cope with the often relentless and demanding job of being a parent which she also enjoys sharing with people on her retreats.                               

The idea for The Wee Retreat came at the end of a meditation retreat when, feeling very grateful & calm, Vicky really felt how important it is to take time for yourself to rest, reconnect with yourself and breathe. Knowing the busyness of modern day life and parenting all too well, Vicky hopes that by bringing Wee Retreats to people on their doorstep in southside Glasgow, it will make it that bit easier for you to make time for you.

With the brand new premises, The Wee Retreat now has a home and will be offering a wide range of well-being courses and retreats. Please take a look at what’s on to find your own Wee Retreat .