Mindful Parenting- week 3

Week 3 of the mindful parenting course with @theweeretreat and in the warmth of the gorgeous winter sun we lay on mats to do a full body scan meditation which was well needed for all in the room.

It is funny how little you sit still and pay attention to the pain or twinges you feel across your body. It was really nice to make space for that in the session and reflect on what we felt. We chatted about the different stages of children as they grow and what their needs are at these stages. We also spoke about a parents changing role and requirements in these stages and how remembering these changes can help us respond differently…

Great food for thought for me just starting out in this adventure and so useful to hear those with older children share their experiences too. It is amazing some of the things we are uncovering through simply chatting as we go.

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